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Security Program Manager

By 25/11/2021

The Security Program Manager must ensure the safety, security and integrity of staff, assets, premises and programs in-country, in particular by constantly monitoring and anticipating security risk, by designing and enforcing context-specific risk mitigation rules and procedures, by ensuring compliance in all premises, by preparing and updating contingency and evacuation plans and by providing all […]

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Country Security Director

By 25/11/2021

Position Summary: The Country Security Director (“CSD”) will oversee the daily security management of all projects and activities in South Sudan under the direction of the Global Security Director. The CSD will manage the Country Security Team that consists of two Project Risk Managers, security subcontractor/s, and other security-related service providers. This position requires an […]

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Project Manager Nigeria

By 09/11/2021

JOB: Project Manager Nigeria Delegate in charge of relations with police security forces OBJECTIVES: Ensure the safety, security and integrity of ACTED staff, assets, premises and programs in-country, in particular by constantly monitoring and anticipating security risk, by designing and enforcing context-specific risk mitigation rules and procedures, by ensuring MOSS compliance in all ACTED premises, […]

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Logistics Coordinator Nigeria

By 22/10/2021

As Logistics Coordinator Nigeria, you will be responsible for the implementation of a logistics framework tailored and organised around an efficient supply chain, a properly sized logistics support at the mission level. You will also be committed to the management, compliance, and efficient implementation of all related policies, rules, procedures, and good practices at bases […]

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International Security Manager

By 23/09/2021

The role of International Security Manager combines International Security Management for Mission East with Country Security Management for Mission East Iraq through a management role in Iraq and an advisory role for other middle eastern countries and future programme locations. Minimum of 3 years experience working as a Security Manager in hostile environments/ conflict-afflicted areas. […]

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Logistics Manager

By 23/09/2021

The Logistic Manager is responsible for setting up the logistic function according to the required standards and supporting programme/project implementation. Minimum of 3 years of experience working as a senior logistics manager in a humanitarian/recovery context. Experience from working in complex and volatile contexts is required. Documented results related to the responsibilities of the position […]

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Shelter Project Manager

By 14/09/2021

The Shelter Project Manager is to provide shelter for the target population. This involves effectively managing the assigned shelter project(s) in line with objectives, budget and timeframe laid down in the proposal (s). The role also includes enhancing beneficiary participation, managing and training local staff and planning and initiating new shelter projects/proposals. This position is […]

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Administrative Officer in Dakar

By 27/08/2021

The Administrative Officer supports a team of national and expatriate staff based in the Regional Office in Dakar and is responsible for the day-to-day administrative tasks, including general office management in compliance with International Rescue Committee’s global policies. In general, this person will manage the Regional Office to provide integrated administrative support in terms of […]

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Reproductive Health Manager

By 15/08/2021

The Reproductive Health Manager will be responsible for improving the overall health situation of the target population, implementing quality health services and contributing to the achievement of proposal objectives within the planned timescale and budget for the areas of responsibility within the health project. While being involved in the overall health and nutrition project, this […]

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Country Director

By 14/08/2021

The Country Director is responsible for providing the overall leadership and strategic guidance of the Country Office, overseeing the mission’s programming to ensure the effective and efficient design, implementation and evaluation of all programs and projects. The Country Director will lead the update and implementation of the country strategy. Develop and enhance relationships with different […]

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