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Armiger, noun, armour-bearer of a soldier or commander.

We are a dedicated, professional South African company that supplies specialised services and technologies. Most of our clients are part of the Police, Para-military Police, the Military, Security Cluster Organisations and the Defence Industry.

The founders of Armiger have extensive experience and more than 30 years of skill in this field. Our teams join your training exercises and operations where and when needed. They can supply, train and transfer knowledge on technologies that enable command supremacy.
Our personnel, working alone or together as a larger team, accompany your teams and offer support and advice during force preparation training, mission readiness training and operations.

Our key technologies and services support:

  • Improved Training Outcomes;
  • Early Warning Efficiency;
  • Planning Accuracy;
  • Improved Execution of operations (situational awareness) and
  • Conducive After- Action Review Processes.
  • Specialised Security Services

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Armiger’s Plough Back Africa initiative gives veterans (military, police, EMS) a platform to “give back” to the continent after retirement. By registering on our Plough Back Africa platform, veterans can now access and apply for different job opportunities where their skills, knowledge and experience are required.

Our platform gives the defence sector access to veterans with the required skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil their obligation towards the members that have served their countries diligently.

More about Plough Back Africa

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What we offer

We offer bespoke solutions to add unique value to your training and operations by providing skilled technicians, support personnel, advisors, professionals, Domain Specialists and role players to enable and facilitate command supremacy. 

We offer bespoke technology to enhance your training, early warning, planning, execution of operations (situational awareness) and After-Action Review.


Armiger provides the following functions and technology as part of the training capability:

  1. Training needs analysis;
  2. Training material development;
  3. Training management;
  4. Scenario development;
  5. Exercise development;
  6. Exercise management;
  7. Exercise support;
  8. Technical Support and provision of Live, Virtual and Constructive Simulation;
  9. Technical support and provision of Fire Arm Training Systems.
Early warning

Armiger provides the following functions and technology as part of the early warning capability:

  1. Sensor management;
  2. Sensor processing;
  3. Anomaly detection;
  4. Artificial intelligence;
  5. Threat detection;
  6. Threat identification;
  7. World events and information;
  8. Analysis, processing, reporting and dissemination.

Armiger provides the following functions and technology as part of the planning capability:

  1. Planning yardstick data and management;
  2. International lending data;
  3. Temperature in configuration;
  4. Document collaboration;
  5. Collaboration team and planning cell management;
  6. Cause of action analysis.
Execution of Operations

Armiger provides the following functions and technology as part of the execution of operations capability:

  1. Situational Awareness;
  2. Advisors;
  3. Secure Communication;
  4. Technical support.
After Action Review

Armiger provides the following functions and technology as part of the after-action review process:

  1. AAR co-ordination and management;
  2. Electronic or Handrolic Collection of Data;
  3. Playback and Animation of events;
  4. Lessons Learned Capturing, Analysis and Reporting.
Specialised Security Services

Armiger extends its comprehensive support with specialised security services tailored to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of operations in high-stakes environments. Our suite of services encompasses:

  1. Security Risk Assessment
  2. Security Concept Development- Security Capability Development
  3. Security Appreciation and Planning for Special Operations
  4. Security Plan Implementation, Integration, Training, and Simulation
  5. Specialised Protection and Guarding Operations


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key technologies and services

Our key technologies and services support:

  • Improved Training Outcomes,
  • Early Warning Efficiency,
  • Planning Accuracy,
  • Improved Execution of operations (situational awareness) Conducive After- Action Review Processes and
  • Specialised Security Services.
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