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Company Introduction

A strict code of conduct governs how our team members work to guarantee and safeguard your expectations and investments and help you realise your best outcome.

Our solutions are flexible enough to let you easily navigate your way through uncertain and unpredictable times when organisations like yours must deal with tighter budgets that often prevent one from hiring personnel on a more permanent basis. Our pool of highly skilled staff are there to assist and support you during your critical training and operations, and it is at times like these when we, like the armigers of past times, become your modern-day armour-bearers.

Armiger has an active and diverse network of personnel who have had extensive practical and theoretical experience in the field. They include Military Veterans, Police Veterans, EMS Veterans, Subject Matter Experts, Specialists and members who understand the safety and security domain. Armiger allows them to invest their skills, ability and knowledge in the next generation of up and coming professionals in this field.


Our team of skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced members has extensive experience in utilising and employing Live, Virtual, and Constructive Simulation systems, including hardware, software, and simulation methodologies. The team includes personnel having the following skills and abilities:

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key technologies and services

Our key technologies and services support:

  • Improved Training Outcomes,
  • Early Warning Efficiency,
  • Planning Accuracy,
  • Improved Execution of operations (situational awareness) Conducive After- Action Review Processes and
  • Specialised Security Services.
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Key Technologies and Services“?

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